Best Choice Products® Rowing Machine Review

Being a Best Choice Products® Rowing Machine, you would immediately assume that it is, perhaps, one of the best choices when you’re out on the market looking for a suitable exercise machine to place inside your home. It does have a shock-resistant cord, a multi-function LCD display, and a roller-mounted padded seat that gives a decent level of comfort. These are features that can be found in many other rowing machines out there. While this particular unit does have its benefits, there are some caveats that you should take notice prior to purchasing it. For starters, do be prepared to do a bit more when it comes to getting this machine all set up.

Best Choice Products® Rowing Machine Review

There are Times When the Best Choice Products® Rowing Machine Will Test Your Patience

The overall dimensions of the Best Choice Products® Rowing Machine are 61 x 15 x 16-inches, and it can cater to a maximum user weight of 242-pounds, which is pretty decent. However, there are others, specifically those from WaterRower, that can cater to a whole lot more. But to be fair, WaterRower’s rowing machines are located in a higher price class than this unit.

As mentioned earlier, the package of the Best Choice Products® Rower does come with a lot of parts. Still, the assembly instructions are laid out clearly enough, but it will take a while before you will be able to put the entire thing together. Hence, you might want to apply some extra hands for a faster job. While the machine itself has clearly laid out instructions, using the monitor does not have such a manual. Therefore, you’re on your own in trying to figure everything out.

Another caveat is that this rowing machine won’t fit taller people, specifically those over 6-feet. If you are a tall person, then there is not enough room for your legs to straighten out. While you can still get a bit of exercise done, you won’t be able to do the full rowing motion. Hence, you won’t feel as much of the burn as when you can stretch your legs to the fullest with the machine.

It should also be noted that there is no tension adjustment on this machine. What it has is a pulley system. While it means that you won’t be able to adjust the intensity of your workouts, it does mean that there is no cylinder to leak.

As a matter of fact, the troubles don’t end there when you’re using the Best Choice Products® Rowing Machine because the cord gets caught rather easily. Also, it doesn’t have a smooth roll out which can be, for the most part, beyond frustrating. So give yourself a break and perhaps it is best to look somewhere else for a more capable rowing machine.

Where to buy this rowing machine

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