Champion Inclined Rower – Plate Loaded Review

One look at the Champion Inclined Rower and you would immediately notice that it looks far different than your average rowing machine. This is a chest supported, plate loaded machine that is designed to give you a good workout while targeting specific muscle groups in your body. It is made out of a heavy duty and durable metal construction, and it has a large 2-inch square HD steel tube that will allow you to work on specific areas of your body, namely the back muscles, rhomboids, deltoids, and trapezius. It can even assist you in building up your biceps. This is a great way to get a good level of workout done, but perhaps it’s not for everybody.

Champion Inclined Rower - Plate Loaded Review

The Champion Inclined Rower is Not for Every Fitness-Centric Individual

The Champion Inclined Rower presents itself as a great strength training and body-building tool, which might not be to everyone’s tastes. There are those who want an architecture that can give out a more cardiovascular exercise as compared to bulking up your muscles. It also comes with a decently comfortable black chest durable pad that has a solid vinyl cover wrapped around it. The swivel hand bar has nice grip handles that will allow you to lift more, as well as train your back for longer periods of time.

As found within its name, the Champion Inclined Rowing Machine is plate loaded. This means that it can be used with Olympic plates only and not with your standard plates. But what it does offer is great solid support whenever you’re workout out with it. When talking about its performance, it does deliver strongly in this regard. But once again, it is primarily made for those who want to build their muscles rather than for toning and slimming down.

Just like its purpose, you would need to pull out a bit of muscle in order to move it around as the weight of the unit is at 134.5-pounds. It dimensions measure in at 80 x 27 x 48-inches, and it is non-foldable. Even though the device is compact enough, you might have a bit of trouble locating a place for you to put it because of its heavy weight. Also, there are no wheels on this unit, so you really have to push it around.

The Champion Inclined Rower presents itself as a unique rowing machine since it won’t give you a lot of cardiovascular exercise but it does help you greatly with regards to building muscle. Therefore, before purchasing this, you must assess your fitness goals first.

Where to buy this rowing machine

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