EasyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower Review

The EasyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is more than just a rowing machine as you can do other forms of exercises with it. It is designed for users who want to get a full-body workout right at the comforts of their own homes. This is a versatile product that lets users change positions in order to target specific muscle groups. This particular machine has industry-grade resistance while being able to give out a decent level of comfort. It can also be used by different age groups. The frame of the rower is lightweight, and it does make for ease when trying to move it around without the use of any special equipment.

easyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower

The EasyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower Presents Versatility for Users

It is clear that the EasyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is mainly designed for convenience as it offers users a great range of versatile options in order to target different muscles. It will allow you to perform different exercises, and not just through rowing, by making slight adjustment as to how you make use of the machine. The frame is lightweight yet durable enough as it can withstand up to 300-pounds of weight from a user.

Within the standard packaging, the EasyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rowing Machine has three different resistance tubes which you can use so that you can vary your fitness plans depending on your requirements. It also has an integrated monitor which is easy to make use of so that you can adjust settings on the fly. While still on this monitor, it displays a number of useful information, which include calories burned, time spent on the machine, and number of strokes performed.

As for the seat, it makes use of cushioned materials with a vinyl cloth on top. The cloth is resistive to sweat, which means that you can clean it easily and it can last a good long while without signs of wear and tear. It will also glide along a sturdy steel rail, in which is also durable enough. While the seat does bring a decent level of comfort, there are others that are more comfortable, and those are located within the same price class.

Even though it is durable, the EasyFiT Cardio Gym Resistance Rower is not stable. Using it is wobbly and awkward. It does have good resistance, which rowing machines should have in the first place. But another caveat makes this a bit difficult to recommend, and that is when you try to fold it up. This is because folding it up makes for a difficult challenge, which might make you decide to leave it as it is until you use it once more.

Where to buy this rowing machine

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