First Degree Neptune Rowing Machine Review

One look at the First Degree Neptune Rowing Machine and you would know that this is a rower made for the 21st century. This is the exact opposite of the beautifully crafted WaterRower Natural, in which that rowing machine exudes a more classic look for itself. One of the main benefits of this particular rowing machine is that it can be stored in an upright position to conserve space. Therefore, if space is ever an issue when you’re out on the market in search of a good rowing machine, then this unit might be part of your list. Furthermore, it is even quieter than your average air resistance rower.

First Degree Neptune Rowing Machine Review

Space Will no Longer be a Great Issue With the First Degree Neptune Rowing Machine

Let’s start off with the rowing position found on the First Degree Neptune Rowing Machine; even though the comfort of the seat feels a bit lacking, especially if you’re on the large side. But then again, this problem will disappear in time, especially if you’re really serious about your workout. As for the pivoting footrests, they are decent, and they do aid in giving you a good rowing technique. Also, your feet will always be securely strapped in, even when you’re doing a very rigorous workout.

This rowing machine makes use of water resistance to bring you a full-body workout. There is, however, one disadvantage to using such a module and that is you cannot easily change the resistance level as compared to air or magnetic machines. So what do you do to change the intensities? If, for example, you would want to have a more intense workout session, then you would have to row harder. This can be tough for some as it can be difficult to maintain a consistent workout with it.

When it comes to the monitor on the First Degree Neptune Rower, it is okay, but it’s definitely not something that you would write home about. As a matter of fact, the display is a bit of a letdown for this model due to it being a bit simpler as compared to its direct competitors. But still, the LCD display is large enough to read, and it does tell you the usual pieces of information that you would need.

Overall, the First Degree Neptune Rowing Machine is a great rower for the price, and it does give you good value for money. It’s good, not great; still, giving it a more comfortable seat and a better monitor can give it additional points.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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