How To Buy a Good Rowing Machine

How To Buy a Good Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is the best machine full body exercise to keep in your home today. Anyone can use and offers a great low impact cardio session so it will not place any unnecessary strain on the joints. And with the constant pulling and pushing fact, while rowing, you can create and define muscles in your upper and lower body. Find that buying a rowing machine, because of the multitude of benefits that provide that is the easy part. Trying to reduce which one out of the dozens available on the market today is the hardest. To make things easier for you, I’ll review the key steps to take that will show you how to buy a rowing machine.


Step 1 – Determine if you have enough space

A typical rowing machine requires the same amount of area an average loveseat and takes make sure you have enough space. Please note that your back and head extend beyond the length of the seat rail when pulling the handle so the more space you have available, the better.


Step 2 – Determine what your budget

The price range for a rowing machine is ~ $ 125 – $ 4,200 and there is much to choose from so determining a budget, of course, narrow the field. But also prevents him from falling in love with a rowing machine more expensive with extensive features do not need. Making a budget is important, but stick with is key and get to save money.


Step 3 – Determine what you will use to

Yes, you will use the rower training, but there are some things to consider:

Is it for domestic or commercial purposes?

All machines are ready for use at home, but most are not built strong enough to withstand the punishment they would receive in a health club. Make sure if you intend to purchase a rower for commercial use to choose one that is of commercial quality.

Are you a rower off-season planning to use this machine to train?

The beautiful thing about rowing machines is that everyone – people of all fitness levels – including rowers can use off-season. If you are a paddler off-season looking for a machine to train, the best option is to choose a machine that best simulates the experience of rowing is used in water as a rower air or water resistance (I most all types of resistance in Step 4 below).

How many people are going to use?

If you will not be the only use, it is likely that other people who are have different levels of strength and fitness. Be sure to choose a machine with adjustable resistance for people of all fitness levels can enjoy the rower. Even if the machine is just for you, adjustable resistance is a great option, as its increased strength and fitness level, so does the resistance offered by the machine so you will not have to worry about “beating” the same.


Step 4 – Learn about the different types of resistance

Rowing machines have four different kinds of resistance, and each has a unique set of features for that model. Learn about each type of resistance will give a better idea of how the rowers work and can also help further reduce the search if the end prefers one type of resistance to the other.


Here is a brief description of each type of resistance:

Hydraulic piston

Hydraulic cylinders and resistance provide resistance is usually adjustable meaning people with different fitness levels will be able to use this type of machine. They usually have a smaller frame, making it ideal for people who do not have a lot of training space and quiet, so it is perfect for use in front of the television. Of all types of resistance, it at least looks like the feeling of rowing on the water, but it’s still a great machine full body exercise. They are usually the lowest starting prices of all types of resistance.


This is the most common type seen in health clubs/sheds. A rotating flywheel is providing the resistance, and the amount of air flowing into the wheel creates resistance. -Level Resistance is determined by the intensity of the session rowing so if a row with more power, the strength will be more difficult; if a row with less intensity, the resistance will be less difficult. The movement is similar to rowing oar in the water, and it is the preferred machine for off-season rowers and athletes. Because it produces the wind, the rower makes some noise and has a longer seat rail, which makes it a great machine for taller people. The benefit of the rail seat means that longer occupies more space than a typical rowing machine, which makes it difficult to own if you have an area for use in limited. Characterised by a higher hydraulic pistons price, but less magnetic and water rowers.


Resistance is provided by an electromagnetic brake system that creates no friction and is very quiet. Resistance is usually adjustable, and its characteristics are similar to a rower air resistance (lane longer seat, relatively large footprint, rowing motion that mimics the oar in the water) without the noise, but the rowing motion usually it is not as smooth and the price is usually higher.


Pallets suspended in a water tank create resistance. Similar to a rower air resistance, the resistance level is determined by the intensity rowing user (row harder / faster = more resistance, slower row = less resistance easier /). Furthermore, the resistance can be adjusted further by changing the amount of water in the water tank; more water = more resistance; less water = less resistance. This type simulates resistance movement or in the water the better. A lot of noise is made while in use due to rotating blades in the water, but it adds to the overall experience of rowing because it is refreshing and sounds similar to reality or in the water. The frame is typically long, and the unit is heavier than the other types of resistance due to the water tank. It is also the most expensive, so this kind for hardcore paddlers or those who want a real rowing as experience life in water is recommended.


Step 5 – read reviews of the Rowing machine

At this point, you should have a better idea of what you’re looking. Now, it is time to read reviews of rowing machines that orients from having its budget (and possibly preferred type resistance) already determined. Having a budget and other preferences into account before you start reading reviews that will save a lot of time because you will not lose any of the machines that do not care. A good review site rowing machine will go over all the details of all machines, including the type of resistance, an overview of the monitor fitness, build quality, comfort, storage options, the capacity limits user information assembly and warranty, pros and cons, and most importantly will let you know what the owners of the machines have to say about the rower.

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