Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Review

Even though it is a stereotype, but the German brand that designed the Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine as they come. ┬áIn fact, it does look a bit different than many other rowing machines out on the market. Still, because of this, it doesn’t quite stand out in the crowd. But of course, there is still the case of personal preferences, but perhaps there will only be some people who will be enthralled by its design and performance.

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine is Pretty Decent, But That’s Not Enough to Entice Many

When it comes to its assembly, you can set the Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine up in approximately 30-minutes, which is okay. As for the rowing position, it is great as it is complemented with footplates that are well-designed. There’s also a thick padded seat that provides a very good level of comfort and plenty of support. The gliding action of the seat slides nice and smoothly on the rail. It is also guided by rollers found on the two bars beneath it.

One great advantage about using the Kettler Coach M Rower is that its magnetic resistance is by far one of the quietest you can hear(?) on the market. Therefore, you will not be troubled about the whirring noises of a fan-powered resistance mechanism, or the swooshing of water for those rowers that use water resistance modules. Hence, you would be able to listen to your favorite workout tracks without much of a bother.

For some, you would be slightly surprised with this machine’s use of a magnets as these are usually performed through digital functionality that’s assisted with a button. While not a large problem, it does seem a bit out of place as compared to the norm. However, if you are on the lookout for a well-built rowing machine that can give you a challenging workout, then you would be able to find these qualities in this rower, and more.

Another nice surprise that you can find on the Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine is the inclusion of a T34 wireless chest strap that transmits your heart-rate into a receiver found in the console. You will be able to see your heart-rate displayed on the screen, and it can even be used for the heart-rate training portion of its pre-set programs. There is no doubt that this rowing machine is a class act.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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