Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Review

If you have the cash to burn, then do know that you can experience a great rowing experience when you purchase the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer. It dons a lot of advantages, and it should, considering the hefty price that you have to pay in order to get it. In short, you might have to break the bank just to purchase it. But when you do get it, do note that it is designed with state-of-the-art Fluid Resistance Technology which allows users to take advantage of 16 different resistance levels. It also comes with an adjustable footboard.

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Review

The Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is Innovative and Versatile, But it Carries Around a Really Hefty Price Tag

The Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is being advertised as club-quality with a commercial-grade water-resistance mechanism that uses Fluid Resistance Technology. With such a module controlling the resistance levels, it is used to create an enhanced rowing experience instead of solely relying on the volume of water found on the tank for resistance. Furthermore, you can easily change the resistance levels instead of some people who would “wing it” to adjust the intensity of their workouts. You will also be able to relax with the swooshing sounds of the water inside the tank as you row.

This particular rowing machine is made to be both compact and convenient as it only has a 76.8-inch footprint. It even has transport wheels, as well as the ability to be stored vertically, for easier storage. While it will be quite an investment since it carries around a pretty large price tag, this commercial-grade quality construction rowing machine is built to last. It has been made with high-quality materials that will assure you that it will last for years-and-years.

Aside from the aforementioned qualities, there are still more to say about the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Rowing Machine that dwell on the positives. For instance, it presents a modern, sleek design in which one look at it and it might even make you want to pull out your wallet to purchase it right then-and-there. However, one look at the price and you might want to back away shyly instead. But for those who can afford such a beast, do note that it has a design that will complement any gym floor or home gym.

As a whole, the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is a reliable and attractive rowing machine that will make a great addition on a gym floor or within your home gym. But then again, you would have to deal with its price first.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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