ProForm 550R Rower Review

Over the years, ProForm has made a name for itself as they have made good and great home fitness equipment that are located within the low and mid-range markets, and to add to that growing list of products is the ProForm 550R Rower. Once you get to try it, you would be impressed by its build quality, especially for a budget-friendly model. It even has a bit of premium styling going on, and it even has a better handle than the brand’s own 440R.

ProForm 550R Rower Review

The ProForm 550R Rower is a Capable Rowing Machine for the Price

After a few good sessions on the ProForm 550R Rower, you would receive a good impression from its performance. It certainly does seem that it is up for the job in letting you take advantage of a good workout. Its build quality is good enough, despite it being in the upper-ends of the budget-friendly class. As for the rowing position, it will cater to a lot of users but for the tallest or heaviest of users. But then again, for the price that you have to pay for it, you can’t complain too much.

Even though there are a lot of things to say about the ProForm 550R Rowing Machine, and while there are many of them that are quite good, at the end of the day it all seems a bit dull. There are many consumer-grade rowing machines out there that are upping their ante in trying to beat the competition by adding in some more features than the rest. However, this particular rowing machine is just… normal. There are no bells and whistles to be found here as it is kept plainly simple. But then again, it might be catered to a specific audience that want simplicity as the main aspect for their chosen rowing machine.

When it comes to its seat, once again, it is quite decent. Well, that is if you’re really tall or overweight. But this is the same to say for most models within a similar price category. If you are overweight, then the seat does take some getting used to. This problem will go away if you’re really serious about your workout and your behind will get smaller over time.

The ProForm 550R Rower presents a reasonable rowing position and it even has an above average build quality. It is without a doubt that it can assist you in getting you into shape. It is up to the job for many types of users out there, but it won’t terribly excite many.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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