Stamina DT Pro Rower Review

The Stamina DT Pro Rower is located at the top of the brand’s product line, and the manufacturer is known for creating quality fitness equipment that are found at a budget-friendly price point. In the case of this particular rowing machine, it won’t hurt your wallet too much, but it can still give you a pretty decent workout. It has a good number of key features that will entice beginners and advanced users alike. For instance, it has a durable aluminum beam, a hybrid air-magnetic resistance system that is one of the quietest ones that you can find on today’s market, eight resistance levels, and also a programmable workout monitor. There are also preset workout routines you can follow along aside from opting for the Manual mode. These are heart-rate targeting, strength, fat burn, and endurance.

Stamina DT Pro Rower Review

The Stamina DT Pro Rower is Placed at the Top of the Range but is Still Reasonably-Priced

As mentioned earlier, the Stamina DT Pro Rower makes use of a smooth air resistance and magnetism in order to bring out the intensities in your workout regimen while using the machine. It is able to deliver full-body workouts, and just like practically any other rowing machine out there, it aims to improve your overall heart-health and strength in one convenient package. When comparing it other exercise machines, such as a treadmill or a bike, this one is gentler on your hips, ankles, and knees.

For this particular rowing machine, workout variety is actually pretty impressive, especially when you consider its price point. There are preset programs that have titles such as “Target Heart Rate,” “Ramp,” “Fat Burn,” and “Rolling.” Each of these can be further adjusted with the use of the eight resistance levels.

One drawback, however, for the Stamina DT Pro Rowing Machine is that it is almost nine feet in length. Therefore, it is a bit larger and quite difficult to be placed within a space-challenged environment. Hence, if you’re living in a small apartment, perhaps you might want to check out other, more compact options instead.

But for its price, is the Stamina DT Pro Rower the best in its price class? Not exactly, as there are still quite a bit of negatives that you have to deal with. For instance, the assembly requires more effort than other rowing machines. There are a lot of really small parts (which you can easily lose if you’re not careful enough).

Where to buy this rowing machine

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