Stamina InMotion Rower Review – A Pleasing Performer

One glance at the Stamina InMotion Rower and you would immediately notice that it looks thinner than many other rowing machines on the market. However, do not let its thin form factor fool you as this is a very capable exercise equipment. It features a solid steel construction, five levels of resistance, a stitched seat that is quite comfortable on your behind, pivoting foot plates with adjustable closures, and not to mention that the entire package is quite easy to store.

Stamina InMotion Rower Review - A Pleasing Performer

The Stamina InMotion Rower is Thin AND Durable

Aside from its durable and sleek frame, another great thing to note about the Stamina InMotion Rower is its price point. Unlike other rowing machines found on the market that can easily break banks, this particular unit won’t hurt your wallet too much. Furthermore, and even though it is located with a fairly decent price tag, the construction and the materials used in its creation are above average, and it does assure owners that it will last quite a while.

If you’re going to assemble the Stamina InMotion Rowing Machine by your lonesome, then it would take about 30 to 45-minutes for you to do it alone. While it may sound complicated, this is actually the average time it takes for one person to assemble a rowing machine as soon as you get it out of the box. Speaking of its assembly, there are some frustrating parts within the pictures in the instruction manual. For instance, if there is a portion wherein it will put parts XYZ into ABC, the XYZ parts won’t be listed inside the parts list. Hence, you would have to figure it out for yourself.

But when you are able to get every piece in its rightful place and have everything working, you will now be greeted with a rowing machine with a relatively small footprint than others. Because of this, it won’t take up much storage space or floor real-estate as compared to other rowing machines on the market.

Even though the slimmer figure that the Stamina InMotion Rower portrays is good for storage space, much can be said for people with larger weights trying to work out on this machine. If you place a heavy person on it, it would seem like the entire unit will break. Furthermore, people who like high-performance rowers should look elsewhere as this particular machine may be deemed for more casual fitness enthusiasts rather than for people who do fitness full-time.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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