Stamina Precision Rower Review

The Stamina Precision Rower is a pretty decent rowing machine, especially when you consider its price point. It’s not bad, yet it’s overall performance, feature offerings, and build quality are nothing to write home about.

Stamina Precision Rower Review

The Stamina Precision Rower Presents an Overall Decent Performance

When it comes to setting the Stamina Precision Rower up, it is pretty straightforward. While the instructions are quite simple to follow, it might take you about an hour to completely assemble everything. While the assembly process is longer and a bit more challenging than others, do take note that you’re only going to do this once.

The rowing machine comes with a padded seat and is quite comfortable, and once again, considering that it is a rather reasonably-priced machine. You can do long rowing sessions on the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower without having to feel any kind of discomfort.

When it comes to the topic of its rowing position, it’s all well and good if you’re a person that’s under 5-feet and 9-inches. Otherwise, if you’re taller than that then you will find some difficulty and discomfort. If you’re a tall person, then you will struggle in straightening your legs in order to do a complete full stroke. Also, it has a very low seat which will let taller people find that it can be difficult to get on and off the machine. However, it should be noted that the footrests are positioned well, and the straps do hold your feet securely.

As for the frame and rail, they are sturdily built. In fact, they are solid as a rock. The brand even guarantees that the machine will last for three years. Furthermore, with all of the rigidity of the materials used, you will be surprised that the entire package only comes it at an impressive 47-pounds. Therefore, you don’t have to pull too much muscle if you want to move it around your home.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Stamina Precision Rower is with its hydraulic resistance unit. It is because your muscles would need something to work against in order to cause strain (which is a good thing), and a hydraulic resistance unit uses pistons in order to achieve this. But the problem with it is that the pistons can heat up at different rates. In other words, you will feel that one side has more tension than the other. But for the most part, you won’t notice this.

Where to buy this rowing machine

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