Sunny Rowing Machine Review

When you’re on the market for a rower that won’t hurt your wallet too much, then perhaps you might take a fancy to the Sunny Rowing Machine. It is happily placed in the low-cost regions of the market, but does this mean that it does anything to counteract its price? While it may be cheap, it is certainly not so cheerful.

Sunny Rowing Machine Review

The Sunny Rowing Machine is Cheap, But the Performance Leaves Much to be Desired

Let’s start with the seat on the Sunny Rowing Machine; while there are many budget-friendly models out there that do provide a good, if not an even greater sense of comfort whenever you’re sitting down on the seat while you’re rowing, this particular rower won’t give you any of that. It is uncomfortable, and it inhibits you from doing long rowing sessions. It needs more padding, or at least a better shape. While it might not come as a surprise that corners are needed to be cut in order to achieve such a low price point, at the very least it should not be placed onto the seat.

Just like many other budget-friendly rowing machines out there, the Sunny Rower uses hydraulic resistance in hopes of giving you the right level of exercise you need. Commonly speaking, many hydraulic machines do not make for an easy row, and that notion is still evident for this particular rower. The long pistons it has, as well as the housing mechanism, means that the resistance is practically non-existent during the first part of the stroke. Around half-way through the stroke, the tension will suddenly kick in. Many would find this experience very frustrating, and it does make for a more difficult rowing experience.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the use of pistons on a rowing machine is very unreliable whenever you’re hoping to have a smooth and consistent resistance (as mentioned earlier). Also, the temperature of the fluid will change, and so does its viscosity. There are other resistance models out there, but they are more commonly found at a higher price range.

There are more negatives found on the Sunny Rowing Machine than there are positives. However, and quite unusually, this particular rower is better if you are a tall person, particularly if you’re over 5-foot 7-inches. If you’re any shorter than this level of height, then you will find it quite difficult to reach the display. For tall people, this is an easier experience, but then again, the overall performance still doesn’t satisfy.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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