WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor Review

One look at the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine and you will immediately fall for its different yet beautiful looks. This is not your typical rowing machine that is fashioned out of metal or some durable plastic. This exercise equipment is mostly made out of a solid black walnut construction. Because of this choice of material, it will able to absorb sounds and vibrations effectively. Hence, it is a great rowing machine that can be placed in areas where there are lots of traffic, such as your living room, or even a gym (if you own one).

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor Review

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is a Beautiful and Capable Exercise Equipment

Other features found on the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine includes a water flywheel that will replicate the actual feeling of rowing on a boat. This flywheel sits in an enclosed water tank that will provide smooth, quiet, and self-regulated resistance. Aside from the flywheel, this particular rowing machine, just like many other modern rowing machines on the market, has its own monitor. The series 4 performance monitor is installed on the unit, and it will able to give you relevant information pertaining to your workout. The information being displayed are intensity, heart rate, stroke rate, and more. The machine can be stored in an upright position for better storage, and the it comes with dimensions of 84 x 21 x 22-inches for its width, height, and depth. It weighs 117-pounds.

As compared to using other rowing machines on the market that use a fan for to apply resistance, the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut uses the soothing sounds of water swooshing about when you do each stroke. The resistance being delivered is very life-like, it’s as if you were actually rowing on a boat floating on water.

However, the experience is not the perfect one that you can find on today’s market, especially with the monitor and the directions for assembly. For the latter, the pictures show limited drawings and there are times when you have to do a bit of guesswork just to figure things out. It does not take rocket science to put the rowing machine together, but it’s not the simplest task either. Furthermore, the Series 4 Performance monitor, albeit very useful in giving out information, is not backlit. Hence, you might have a bit of trouble figuring out what’s displayed when you’re rowing under low-light conditions.

But when it comes to overall performance, the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is able to deliver, and it can deliver pretty well. It will able to assist you in targeting the major muscle groups for a full-body workout, which is, perhaps, the primary objective as to why you’re going to purchase a rowing machine.

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