WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine Review

The WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine has the familiar wood construction that is quite known of this trusted brand. Aside from the wooden material, it also has an aluminum rail in order to add extra durability to the equation. As for the wood itself, it is finished in the manufacturer’s usual high quality output which does not only look great, but also means that it could last a good long while.

WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine Review

The WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine Presents the Familiar High Quality Finish Found in the Brand’s Other Rowing Machines

When it comes to setting the WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine up, it is quite simple to put together; well, as far as rowing machines go that is. Assembling the unit can be done in approximately 30-minutes (or less when you have some help). You can even do it all even if you just have the basic DIY skills.

When it comes to its seat, you might notice that it is different as compared to the brand’s other models. However, don’t let the new design of the seat fool you into thinking that it’s not as good as the others, because it is, if not it is even a slight upgrade. It is a few inches lower as compared to many other rowers, so the machine does not feel like other rowing machines that are made for commercial use. However, this minor setback is easily compensated with the position of the footrests.

Just as the name implies, the WaterRower GX Home Rower uses water-resistance to give the tension. It uses a flywheel located inside a tank of water, and boy will it challenge your muscles. The kind of intensity it brings will offer either a love or hate feeling for this machine. Those who are looking for more low-impact solutions might want to consider other options on the market.

This particular rowing machine uses a monitor that is dubbed as a more simplified version of the S4 performance monitor found on the company’s top models. But what it does have is called QuickStart, in which basically means that you can just press “Start” to begin your workout, rather than fiddling around with other programs.

The WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine presents itself a simplified rower for users who just want to get up, sit down, and row. However, being simple means that it also lacks some features that can be found in other models.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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