XTERRA ERG400 Rower Review

The XTERRA ERG400 Rower is designed for people who want to start their journey towards a better, healthier lifestyle. It is able to promote an efficient low-impact, full-body workout while being able to stimulate the effects of rowing on an actual boat above water. Since it is made for low-impact exercise sessions, professionals and those who are more serious when it comes to their workout regimens may want to look somewhere else. But for the casual user that wants to sweat it out on a regular basis, and are easily bored with just running or jogging around town every-so-often, then perhaps this rowing machine might be at the top of your list.

XTERRA ERG400 Rower Review

The XTERRA ERG400 Rower is Better Used for Casual Users

The XTERRA ERG400 Rower also has a monitor that displays time, distance, calories, stroke count, strokes per minute, program, and watts. It has an set slide rail made of durable aluminum that slides smoothly for every motion, and it is quite stable as it doesn’t move around in ways that you don’t want it to whenever you’re rowing on the machine. The total weight that the machine can handle is 250-pounds, and the machine itself weighs 50.7-pounds. It comes with dimensions of 72-inches for its length, 18.9-inches for its width, and 33.1-inches for its height.

This particular rowing machine covers all the basics for whenever you can’t or don’t want to go anywhere else but home and still want to get your regular exercise routines done. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles for its feature sets, and for its price point, maybe it doesn’t have to have those. For example, it doesn’t have a heart-rate monitor that higher-end rowing machines have. For the most part, the XTERRA ERG400 is a barebones rowing machine, and one that you can rely on.

Setting this particular machine won’t require rocket science for its completion, and you can get everything all set up in approximately 20-minutes. The items all come in a neatly packed packaged, and the instruction manual won’t give you any trouble, except for the parts wherein there are some pictures that leave too little to be desired. However, figuring out which part goes where is still a pretty simple task.

With the XTERRA ERG400 Rower, it will easily become your favorite home gym equipment. However, as mentioned earlier, for more serious fitness enthusiasts that want more tension in their exercise equipment, you might want to look somewhere else.

Where to buy this rowing machine

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this rowing machine.

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